Which of these loathsome politicians, sponging royals and inconsequential celebs are honorary Inns of Court benchers?

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By Thomas Connelly on

Seven of these famous figures are Inns of Court benchers, the other seven aren’t. Can you name the bona fide honorary members of the legal profession? (Answers are on the Legal Cheek Facebook page)

The man charged with dismantling legal aid has surely not been awarded honorary bencher status, has he?

What better dining companion could a barrister wish for than fame-hungry Labour politician (and fearless campaigner to protect legal aid) Diane Abbott?

John ‘Two Jags’ Prescott, a labour man through and through, but one with a taste for establishment glamour.

The venerable ‘Mr Loophole’ may not be a barrister, but his success at building a profile as a celeb lawyer has won grudging admiration from the legal establishment.

On his Bullingdon Club credentials alone, surely David Cameron would make it onto the honorary bencher list. Add in the fact that the PM is an old Etonian and you’ve got a dead cert for the gig. Or can this sort of thing count against one?

It’s not geography graduate Prince William’s fault that he keeps having meaningless honours bestowed upon him.

With Middle Temple being used in the Harry Potter films, JK would have had plenty of time to work her magic on securing that honorary bencher position.

The Inns wouldn’t grant bumbling toff Boris the right to sit at their high table, as his barrister wife dines with the plebs, would they?

Has Mon Fertile Finishing School alumnus Camilla Duchess of Cornwall struck a blow for non-graduate entry into law by bagging a bencher spot?

Dame Helen Mirren recently played the lawyer who defended music producer Phil Spector at his murder trial. A perfect excuse, surely, to confer upon this national treasure honorary bencher status?

Not all these Tory politicians with no legal backgrounds can be honorary benchers, can they?

“Let’s get Paxo onside by offering him some free meals!” Words ever spoken within the Inns?

Deep down, many barristers wish they were actors. So letting one of the greats, Sir Ian McKellen, into their dining club makes sense.

Julia Gillard, the recently-deposed first ever female Prime Minister of Australia (and a former partner at law firm Slater & Gordon), has all the credentials for a life-time free London legal meal ticket.

Answers are on the Legal Cheek Facebook page.