10 law firm ads that are so bad they’re good

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By Thomas Connelly on

By bringing in international ad agency M&C Saatchi to market its services to the public, personal injury giant Slater & Gordon has flouted law firms’ tradition of making their own endearingly unprofessional ads. Here are ten of the worst…

Bethnal Green’s finest, Malik Law Chambers, has won cult status on YouTube with their, er, imaginative, adverts. This Bollywood-themed effort is particularly admired.

Comfortably the strangest, most frightening lawyer ad ever.

Comfortably the second strangest, most frightening lawyer ad ever.

Chancery Lane firm Ellis Taylor shows what can be done with a pair of sunglasses and a beret.

Smug lawyers walk down corridor before mysteriously disappearing in flash of light.

Leeds criminal defence outfit O’Garra’s Solicitors half-heartedly blurs the worlds of law and tag team boxing.

How to make an advert promoting your services as a family lawyer: stand in front of camera, deride “piece of crap” rivals before explaining your capacity to rid viewer of “vermin you call a spouse”.

Wallace & Gromet this ain’t.

More wonderful stuff from Malik Law Chambers.

And finally, proof that you can be intentionally amusing on a budget.