Corporate lawyer who released rap about securing first job returns with personal life-themed R&B follow-up

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By Alex Aldridge on

Last year Mike Lickver celebrated getting a foot on the ladder at a top Canadian law firm by releasing an expensively-produced rap on YouTube about the process of becoming a lawyer. Things then went quiet as Lickver got his head down and settled into life at Toronto’s Bennett Jones — disappointing dozens of fans.

Excitingly for them, though, having found time to return to the recording studio over the summer, Lickver is now back with a new single, ‘Hangover’…

A soulful R&B track which charts the breakdown of a romantic relationship, Hangover represents quite a departure from Lickver’s previous work, which alongside the aforementioned graduate job rap also includes the exuberant ‘Law School Husslin’ and ‘Law School Husslin 2’. Hangover’s poignant chorus (transcribed below), in particular, reveals a hitherto unseen vulnerable side to the M&A, securities and corporate finance specialist.

Thinking that it’s a waste of time,

To me that’s overexposure,

It’s been over six months,

You gotta know when it’s over,

Hard to take it,

Hard to shake it,

So much time has been wasted,

So tonight we’re getting wasted,

Memories of her replaced with a hangover.”

Those curious about juggling rapper sidelines with the law can learn more about how Lickver has done it in this recent interview with him. Perhaps confounding expectations, he actually comes across as reasonably normal, and has some good wannabe lawyer career advice (really!).