Don’t you step into my courtroom wearing blue suede trainers, judge tells lawyer

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By Alex Aldridge on

Recently we reported on the judge who sent a defendant to the cells for wearing a fleece and tracksuit bottoms combo to court. Amid the slew of responses that ensued, one unsettling question went unspoken: what would happen if a member of the legal profession were to commit a similar crime against fashion?

To answer that question, we must look abroad to Romania, where earlier this week lawyer Catalin Dancu turned up to a high profile trial wearing a pair of blue suede trainers (of the type pictured above) and a pair of jeans, over which he had slung a traditional black robe.

The result was a £700 fine from the judge hearing the case, which also took into account Dancu’s late arrival after he was delayed in another court.

But did Dancu meekly submit to his punishment like the poor defendant in Fleece-and-trackie-bottoms-gate? Oh no…

Upon being told of his punishment, Dancu defiantly announced to the court: “I am scented, shaved and fresh…I am going to contest this fine.” He added that the trainers had cost him £170.

Then he asked for the judge to be suspended, which led to proceedings in the case — the trial of five people accused of art theft from Rotterdam’s Kunsthal gallery — being adjourned while another court considers what to do about Dancu’s complaint.

Expect an eastern European boom in courtroom casual if the decision goes his way.

A picture of Dancu’s court garb can be viewed here.