Law student told he can’t board EasyJet flight after slamming airline on Twitter

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By Alex Aldridge on

A Strathclyde University PhD law student has sparked a PR nightmare for easyJet after a tweet he sent criticising the airline saw one of its staff members threaten not to allow him on board a flight.

Mark Leiser was booked on a 9:20pm flight last night from Glasgow to London which was delayed for over an hour. Concerned about missing the last train into London, and the connection issues faced by a fellow passenger, he tweeted the following.

The tweet immediately came to the attention of easyJet staff, prompting Leiser to make the revelation that has inflamed Twitter against everyone’s favourite orange budget airline.

Subsequently, Leiser — whose PhD is on the effects, limits and the legitimacy of regulation and law in cyberspace — quotes the easyJet member of staff as suggesting that his tweet complaining about the airline had somehow negated his right to travel.

Gladly, Leiser was eventually let on the flight, with easyJet tweeting this apology this morning.