Morning round-up: Friday 20 September

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Sorry the hardest word as Bar Council apologises for getting its sums wrong [Legal Business]

Belt-tightening takes its toll as newly qualified recruits dip 6% [Legal Week]

The future of the firm: “If the legal profession is anything to go by, worse is to come” [The Economist]

Richard Littlejohn: We can only speculate as to why the judge in the Mark Duggan inquest ordered a moment’s silence at the start of the proceedings [Mail Online]

The virtues of thorough preparation [Twitter]

Not too late to enter the Law Reform Essay Competition [Bar Council]

Top judge calls for more Court of Protection cases to be made public [The Independent]

Top Scottish lawyer declared bankrupt [The Herald]

Reporter launches courtroom challenge after judge refused to give him her first name [HoldTheFrontPage]