Bagging a training contract: the 10 most memorable celebratory Instagram posts

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By Legal Cheek on

Solicitors-to-be have been out in force this week on Instagram, sharing the good news about their training contracts. Some of the posts warm the heart, others not so much. Here is a selection of the most memorable…

1. Pity the hard life of the indebted law graduate…

2. Some of these poor kids have been surviving without the latest luxury watch!

3. Others, well, they continue to be genuinely broke.

4. Time for a heart-warming selfie.

5. And another one.

6. Enjoy that blue sky while you can, because you won’t be seeing much of it during the 40-year slog of billing targets that awaits.

7. Ditto the blue nail varnish: not very Allen & Overy.

8. You’re simply the vest! A training contract barbecue.

9. Who’d have thought these east London hipsters were actually solicitors-to-be?

10. And we’ll leave you with the most un-rock n’ roll celebration ever.