The 10 best law student meltdowns on Vine

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By Thomas Connelly on

While lawyers have been slow to embrace iPhone app Vine, law students have seized upon the video clip sharing service as an excellent way to bring their suffering to a wider audience. Here are the best law student Vine meltdowns to date. Click the top left corner of each image for sound.

Tragically scarred by the LPC, a previously normal man prepares to commence his training contract.

“Would you look at all those laws…that I don’t know a fucking thing about,” reflects a Glasgow-based law student…

A Manchester University law student stuck in the library while, in a first for the city, the sun shines outside.

Law-induced breakdown hits students

A law student’s private hell is momentarily interrupted.

Although there are question marks over his mental health, Hull University law student Eddie Collison is actually quite funny.

Here’s some more from Eddie as he endeavours to “keep it moving with the lights off”.

What do you do when you’re on the brink of despair revising contracts? Place that despair in the public domain for all to enjoy!

Another charmingly-posed law student meltdown

Rachel fell into the classic trap of watching Legally Blonde to obtain an insight into what it would be like to study law…