The 11 most glistening pearls of wisdom from #AskATrainee

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By Alex Aldridge on

Yesterday between 5-6pm the latest #AskATrainee session took place on Twitter. Not all of the popular hour-long wannabe solicitor Q&A — organised by @LegalTony — was useful: why does the misconception remain that urging someone to “Just be yourself!” is likely to gain them employment? But alongside the more trite pieces of advice, there were also a few gems of wisdom…

1. Decoding the language of the application form.

2. Recognising that an interview is a strong position to be in.

3. Confidence and over-confidence.

4. Knowing when to move on.

5. Carefree global wandering: get it in while you can.

6. The magic circle is reluctant to negotiate about A-Level results.

7. “Perfectionists”, it has all been heard before.

8. Help is often easier to get than you realise.

9. The dubious value of endless education.

10. It’s time to take Twitter seriously.

11. Small, thoughtful gestures get you remembered in a positive way.