Video: Judge punches judge in Mexican courtroom brawl

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By Alex Aldridge on

A senior Mexican judge is facing possible impeachment after he attacked fellow judges during a televised hearing last week. A video of the incident has since appeared on YouTube…

Morelos state appeals court head Miguel Angel Falcon took the extraordinary decision to resort to violence after being angered by comments made by one of his fellow judges, who apparently had called him “stupid”.

The clip above shows Falcon rising from his chair, pushing one judge out of his way and then punching another, before being pulled off him by other colleagues.

Falcon has since apologised, telling Diario de Morales: “I feel sadness, shame and regret. And well, I want to offer a very heartfelt apology to society and the media.”

The court’s chief justice, Justice Nadia Lara Chavez, said: “We are very ashamed that such a thing could happen in a high appeals court. There are some people who just do not have the tolerance to accept certain comments.”

Meanwhile, a lawyer who witnessed the attack called for Falcon to resign.

“This man’s lack of discipline and capriciousness disrupted a serious session of the judiciary of the state of Morelos,” said Miguel Angel Rosete. “He became a caveman judge and based on the principles of dignity and ethics, he should resign from his post.”