Law student posts semi-naked selfies on Twitter in bid to fund legal textbook costs

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By Thomas Connelly on

A London-based law student has come up with an unconventional way of funding the cost of her law textbooks…

Vanessa Knowles arouses the interest of potential benefactors by posting regular photos of herself on Twitter in varying states of undress. Here is one of the mildest we could find.

Such photos have helped gain Knowles — who combines her legal studies with work as a glamour model — almost 20,000 followers. These followers are then invited to buy Knowles gifts from an Amazon Wishlist which she has created and linked to from her Twitter profile.

The ‘Exam/Uni’ section features course books for her intellectual property module, including David Bainbridge’s ‘Intellectual Property’, Lionel Bently’s ‘Intellectual Property Law’ and ‘Contemporary Intellectual Property: Law and Policy’ by Hector MacQueen.

The risk is that Knowles’ entrepreneurship unnerves law firms as she bids to land a training contract. However, to date, the quest at least to gain legal work experience seems to be going quite well.