10 things you wouldn’t expect to find in a law textbook

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Legal textbooks hold all sorts of surprises…

A land law textbook dedicated to…’Cornflake’.

Less random (but still weird).

Authors of law textbooks know exactly how to appeal to the hip young students of today…

…because in their studded belt days they saw it all.

Breasts, nipples, orgasms, penises…

Even the C-word gets a mention.

Swearing, schmearing…

Academics aren’t, of course, the only people who contribute to law textbooks.

Procrastination level: expert.

Ultimately, though, it’s the likes of Derrick and Julie who provide the most memorable moments #JustWhenYouThinkYourDayCantGetAnyWorse #DirectHit #BurningAircraftDebris #LawTextbookCharacterProblems

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