Black belt barrister promotes mixed civil practice through martial arts home video

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By Thomas Connelly on

A barrister uses Tae Kwon Do to demonstrate her toughness


Civil barrister Sarah Robson of Alpha Court Chambers holds a second degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do. On her excellent website, she describes herself as “‘Dangerous’ — both in and out of court!”. To support this claim she has produced an interesting video which we have broken down into animated gifs for your enjoyment…

Screen Shot 2013-11-20 at 13_Fotor

Sarah’s husband get things underway by presenting two pieces of one inch-thick pine to the camera, knocking them together to prove they are genuine.

 photo KarateGif1.gif

Sarah sets herself for a vicious elbow strike, while her husband braces for the impending impact.

 photo KARATEGIF2.gif

A slight adjustment is required as Mr Robson looks on somewhat nervously.

 photo KARATEGIF3.gif

Then in one swift movement Sarah snaps the wood clean in half, much to the relief of Mr Robson.

 photo KARATEGIF4-1.gif

And finally…Sarah proudly faces the camera, while Mr Robson tidies up.

 photo KARATEGIF4.gif

The full video is below.