Morning round-up: Friday 8 November

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By Legal Cheek on

David Blunkett recordings “discovered in lawyer’s safe” [BBC News]

Ex-police officer jailed for “offering to plant a shotgun in a car” and posing as CPS lawyer [Manchester Evening News]

Could a current law student at Oxford please tell me what the workload is like at Oxford? [The Student Room]

Woman banned from twitter for 5 YEARS for stalking people involved in a custody battle over her children [Mail Online]

“Up-skirt” photos aren’t banned by Peeping Tom law, lawyer argues [ABA Journal]

R (Miranda) v Home Secretary: the second day of the hearing [Head of Legal]

Human rights laws are “are risk to the army”, says former defence chief [Evening Standard]

UK is “living laboratory” for ABS innovation, says US expert [Law Society Gazette]