The 18 stages of the LPC

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A journey through the sorrow and the joy of the Legal Practice Course (LPC)

It begins with a speculative inquiry…

At this stage the carefree wannabe lawyer is delightfully untroubled by burdensome realities, such as attention to detail.

And, in an indication that they may not fully appreciate what awaits them, is overcome by feelings of euphoria at the very thought of the LPC.

Then reality intrudes.

And keeps intruding…

At which point students are presented with two options: get their heads down…

…or consider an alternative lifestyle choice.

Fortunately, there are lighter modules on the LPC to ease the pain.

And, thanks to LinkedIn, getting a training contract is a breeze.

Those without a LinkedIn account, fear not: excellent careers advice abounds.

What’s this…exams already?

Still, at least they provide an opportunity to air that linen suit.

Because you won’t leave the house during Easter #HighEndBrandHashtag.

It’s around now that the hallucinations (pictured) typically begin.

For those still able to function: one last push (at keeping up appearances).

And it’s time to celebrate aggressively!

Soon after, the countdown to becoming a trainee solicitor begins.

For the rest, it’s, well, back to LinkedIn…