This is not just footage of Middle Temple. This is M&S footage of Middle Temple

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By Thomas Connelly on

Large chunks of the new Marks and Spencer’s Christmas ad, which debuted on TV last night, were filmed in Middle Temple…

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The ad sees a young woman, who we can only assume is a barrister, journey from the heart of legal London to a magical kingdom after she falls down a manhole on Middle Temple lane while chasing her dog.

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After a series of adventures, the woman re-emerges on Crown Office Row, where she is greeted by Helena Bonham Carter and the troublesome canine.

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With dog and owner re-united, the camera pans towards the barristers’ chambers beyond to reveal a festive September scene.

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Yes, September. Here’s a tweet by 1 Crown Office Row barrister Adam Wagner from when the ad was being filmed.

M&S’s Middle Temple ad in full.