Why are so many law students selling their pants online?

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By Thomas Connelly on

It wouldn’t be very scientific to attempt to draw conclusions about the indebted state of the nation’s law students on the basis of a few desperate anonymous adverts, but there sure are a lot of law students selling their pants online…

Here are a selection of current adverts:

London-based law student selling used underwear/socks/tights [Adpost]

For sale: Sexy Durham law student knickers [Adpost]

For sale: 21Y/O London law student used thong/tights/panties taking requests [Adpost]

London law student sells all different kinds of panties/thongs [FilthyThongs]

Hot blonde hair blue eyed law student selling dirty sexy knickers [Adpost]

Bisexual London law student selling used garments [Craigslist]

OK, so this practice isn’t limited to wannabe lawyers, but a scan of worn-underwear ads on the sites listed above suggests that more of them are flogging their pants than students of other disciplines.

For example, on the UK section of Adpost there are four adverts for pants from people who describe themselves as law students. The second highest represented subject is biology (three ads), followed by English and French (two ads each).

Of the pant-selling trend, one UCL law student told Legal Cheek: “It is one of those things that you hear about people doing, and it seems to appeal because it is so easy. With the high study costs faced by law students, who have to do the LPC or BPTC on top of their increasingly expensive undergraduate degrees, they are often in a worst financial position than other students.”