Frontman of company seeking to ‘revolutionise’ criminal law makes grammatically incorrect bestiality slur against bemused barrister

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By Legal Cheek on

Last night on Twitter the public face of a heavily-hyped new legal market entrant launched an extraordinary — and completely unfounded — personal attack on a barrister who had tweeted a Daily Mirror article about his past.

Legal recruiter Sean Smith (@SeanSmithLegal) has been acting as the smooth-talking frontman for Defence Hub, recently described by Legal Futures as a “new business owned by ‘non-solicitor entrepreneurs’ who have already invested £10m [and] is promising to revolutionise the way in which criminal defence work is undertaken”.

But last night Smith appears to have lost his cool, blurting out a range of bizarre insults against the barrister on Twitter — several of which were screenshotted by lawyers and sent to Legal Cheek.

For comedy value, this grammatically incorrect bestiality slur stands out:


There was much further ranting by @SeanSmithLegal during the course of the evening, some of which is out there in the Twittersphere if you’re inclined to look for it.

Unsurprisingly, the @SeanSmithLegal Twitter account (pictured below) has since been deleted — which will come as a disappointment to Smith’s 174,599 followers (a rather high proportion of whom appear to be fake).


Smith did not respond to Legal Cheek‘s request for comment.