Frontman of company seeking to ‘revolutionise’ criminal law makes grammatically incorrect bestiality slur against bemused barrister

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Last night on Twitter the public face of a heavily-hyped new legal market entrant launched an extraordinary — and completely unfounded — personal attack on a barrister who had tweeted a Daily Mirror article about his past.

Legal recruiter Sean Smith (@SeanSmithLegal) has been acting as the smooth-talking frontman for Defence Hub, recently described by Legal Futures as a “new business owned by ‘non-solicitor entrepreneurs’ who have already invested £10m [and] is promising to revolutionise the way in which criminal defence work is undertaken”.

But last night Smith appears to have lost his cool, blurting out a range of bizarre insults against the barrister on Twitter — several of which were screenshotted by lawyers and sent to Legal Cheek.

For comedy value, this grammatically incorrect bestiality slur stands out:


There was much further ranting by @SeanSmithLegal during the course of the evening, some of which is out there in the Twittersphere if you’re inclined to look for it.

Unsurprisingly, the @SeanSmithLegal Twitter account (pictured below) has since been deleted — which will come as a disappointment to Smith’s 174,599 followers (a rather high proportion of whom appear to be fake).


Smith did not respond to Legal Cheek‘s request for comment.


A barrister

The brave new world of liberalised legal services.


MB Trainee Solicitor

So does the barrister lay with his cattle or not?



How funny. According to Crunchbase he focuses on “publicly funded firms of solicitor’s”. He clearly has a problem with the possessive apostrophe. Not our sort at all.


David West

No won kan do lor liek wot ey kan


Mr Smith

Bollox to you’s all. #loosers


Mr Smith

Their is nothing wrong with my grammer!
Your all going to regret this!


Mr Smith

Your all a bunches off kiddie fiddler’s. Defense Hubs’ the way forwerd.


Mr Jones

Mr Smith – may I suggest that you learn to argue your case properly rather than resort to playground slanging matches. The law may not be perfect but it is a proud profession with history and an approach to life that is both ethical and decent. You, on the other hand, are akin to a Wild West Snake Oil Salesman who, IF, you have the ear of the MOJ, only do so because they are an even bigger waste of space than you which, by the hour, is no mean feat. I hope you never get a penny of my hardworking taxpayer wages – if you do, I have no doubt that you will do a moonlight flit to some country where the prisons are full of men who will surrender to you (may I suggest you pretend to be German and go to Italy – they’ll surrender to anyone). The only plus side if you do indeed run off with the MOJ chequebook will be the swift removal of your Uncle Chris (I see the family resemblance) to Northern Ireland and the bringing forward of Ursula Brennan’s (see the correct use of the apostrophe there) retirement. Come to think of it, that might be worth the £1bn they throw at you.



Is there still a South African warrant outstanding for him? If so what is being done to extradite him?


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