Morning round-up: Monday 23 December

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Oxford University wins claim against Oxford Law School [BBC News]

Former criminal barrister Anna Soubry apologises to Ukip leader for “finger up bottom” remark [The Guardian]

Prisoners will not be able to receive parcels from their loved ones under new rules introduced by Chris Grayling [Prison Reform Trust]

Newborn child taken from mother before she can hold it after ruling in “deeply distressing” secret court case [Mail Online]

Grillo barristers were right to give Nigella a grilling [Barrister Blogger]

Geoffrey Robertson QC: the vilification of Nigella Lawson is no way to treat a witness [The Guardian]

#Walkout4Justice [Twitter]

Chris Grayling will be let off the leash [The Express]

European Commission pursuing Britain in scores of law suits [The Telegraph]

Four men arrested for killing lawyer, 30, who was shot dead while protecting his wife in carjacking [Mail Online]