The end of the day round-up

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By Thomas Connelly on

Councillor claims she is a barrister but she has never been called to the Bar [getSurrey]

Denis MacShane jailed for MP expenses fraud [BBC News]

R v Denis MacShane: sentencing remarks of Mr Justice Sweeney at the Old Bailey [Judiciary.Gov.UK]

Apollo Theatre owner “could face £1m legal claim over ceiling collapse” [Evening Standard]

Ill-judged office practical joke of the week [Twitter]

“I am just about to cancel my Times subscription after their deluge of nonsense over a jury doubting some cook styling herself as a ‘goddess’, instead of analysing a brilliant victory against the odds” [Legal Cheek comments]

Human Rights Act: a very British law [The Guardian]

Queen asserts rights to mine under homes [The Telegraph]

Heard in court [Facebook]