20 Essex Street barrister marries Bollywood star

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By Alex Aldridge on

Top London commercial barrister Sudhanshu Swaroop has tied the knot with a Bollywood celebrity. Swaroop, of leading set 20 Essex Street, married Raageshwari Loomba at a ceremony in Mumbai on Monday…

Loomba, 36, has appeared in a host of Bollywood films and has released several pop albums. She has also been an anchor on MTV and a reality TV contestant.

Swaroop, 40, has a similarly glittering CV, with degrees from both Cambridge and Oxford complimented by an appearance in The Lawyer ‘Hot 100’. In addition, he has developed an eye-catching human rights sideline that has seen him act in a challenge to the US military commissions trying Guantanamo Bay detainees, appear in the seminal UK case on whether evidence alleged to have been obtained by torture is admissible to detain terrorist suspects, and participate in several human rights missions abroad.

Such work was one of the things that drew Loomba to Swaroop after the couple met in 2012:

“The fact that he cares for people and wants to make this world a better place makes me deeply happy,” she told Bollywood Mantra, adding: “It was awe-inspiring to learn about his work in Afghanistan, Darfur, Syria and the UN.”

There are photos of the wedding here.