Breaking Bad lawyer Saul Goodman has a website

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By Thomas Connelly on

In anticipation of the launch of Breaking Bad spin-off ‘Better call Saul’ later this year, Saul Goodman has been given an amusingly cheesy lawyer website… contains a host of videos, including client testimonials from Breaking Bad characters Badger and Wendy S, and various short pieces where Goodman impresses the broad range of litigation possibilities available to potential clients. “Did the barbed wire in your last cage match lead to the heartbreak of hepatitis?” asks the lawyer in one of the clips, which we have embedded below.

In addition, an ‘office webcam’ allows fans to gain unprecedented access to Goodman’s working day.

Several advertisements can also be seen on the site. One, for ‘McGill & McGill 6000 Menswear’, promotes Goodman-style clothing (McGill was Goodman’s original surname before he changed it for professional reasons). There are also ads for Los Pollos Hermanos and Beneke Fabricators, brands which Breaking Bad fans will be familiar with.

Finally, readers are invited to “Check out Saul Goodman’s philanthropic causes” by clicking on a link which directs to fundraising page