How long would these children’s book villains go to prison for?

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If Lord Voldemort somehow ended up in a real court he would go down for a whopping 134 years and six months, while Captain Hook would get off with a comparatively light 38 years, a study has found.

The full results of the research by, which considers the crimes of 16 children’s book villains, are below…

16 Children


Love Reading Hate Spelling

“Coup De Tat”


Benjamin Gray

Coup de Tat?



^^ Sounds like a cockney uprising.


Love Reading Hate Maths too

Somebody couldn’t add up for the Wicked Witch of the West or Captain Hook. Also the total is right for Trunchbull but only if you take attempted murder at 25 years as it should be.

Hate sentencing guidelines too it seems.


Brett Dunbar

Jadis, the white witch, is also guilty of genocide. She spoke the deplorable word and thereby killed every other living thing on her native world of Charn. So you can add that to her charge sheet.


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