Manchester Uni law student-fashion blogger feted by Femail as ‘internet star’

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By Thomas Connelly on

The Mail Online‘s Femail section has run a piece today acclaiming the fashion blog of Manchester University law student Hannah Farrington.

Farrington, 20, has developed a substantial following by posting selfies in which she wears outfits costing under £50 to her blog, Hannah Louise Fashion.

Since launching last year, the blog has received over 700,00 pageviews and garnered in excess of 2,000 followers on Twitter — impressive stats, if not quite justifying Femail ‘s description of Farrington as an “internet star” with an “army” of followers.

Still, the law student’s fame is now such that fashion labels apparently “deluge” her with free samples to the point that her “huge wardrobe is fast outgrowing her student digs.”

Happily, despite Femail‘s hyperbole, Farrington is keeping her feet on the ground and remains keen to become a lawyer.

She told Femail: “I have a lot of friends who have fashion retail jobs and they work so hard for so little reward. I think it is a really difficult industry to get into.

“I have my sights set on being a solicitor, which would help pay for my clothes shopping!”