Morning round-up

Morning round-up: Friday 3 January

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One thousand lawyers paid at least £100k a year from public purse…as they threaten strike over legal aid cuts [Mail Online]

The legal aid fat cats: SIX barristers each earned more than £500k from taxpayer last year [The Express]

Really? [Twitter]

Bury district judge struck off over £1.5 million swindle [This is Lancashire]

The CIA’s lawyer: waterboarding and memory [The New Yorker]

The legal world in 2014 [Law Society Gazette]

High-flying lawyer shot by police “after reporting break in and then barricading himself in apartment lobby” [Mail Online]

What happens if authorities seize your laptop? [BBC News]

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The Legal Aid Fat Cats stories above demonstrate the Bar’s problem when campaigning against legal aid.

So long as there are people earning hundreds of thousands on legal aid, however few of them, the public will not listen to the correct argument that those at the bottom can’t earn a living.

And so long as people at the top milk the system for all it is worth, they will continue to condemn those at the bottom and sentence their own profession to its doom.


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