Morning round-up

Morning round-up: Monday 13 January

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The case of confused copyright: Elderly heiress threatens to sue BBC over ownership of Sherlock Holmes characters [Mail Online]

Simon Hughes: “Legal profession must do more to reflect modern Britain” [The Independent]

The criminal Bar: “Ending up a hobby for the rich is the last stage before extinction” [Financial Times]

Chris Grayling on the Sunday Politics [BBC iPlayer]

Why do we need the people in wigs? [The Independent]

South East Cambridgeshire Conservatives vote to keep South Square barrister Lucy Frazer as parliamentary candidate after miscount claims [Cambridge News]

I’m beginning to think Jesus was a Bethlehem divorce lawyer [The Telegraph]

Open justice and the Rule of Law [ICLR]

Plebgate affair: Police Federation launches legal action [BBC News]