Morning round-up: Monday 6 January

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By Legal Cheek on

Lawyers protesting outside courts over legal aid cuts [BBC News]

Criminal barristers should have justice, too [The Telegraph]

QC brother of PM supports legal aid strike: Cameron’s barrister brother lends his backing to legal aid strike designed to undermine Government reforms [Mail Online]

Seven senior legal aid protest QCs got £1.5m of taxpayers’ cash in a year [Mail Online]

Lawyers forced to pay out £1m in no win, no fee disputes [The Guardian]

QC gives Cambridge Uni student newspaper “harassment” warning over call to take photos of Prince William [The Express]

Millionaire chef Heston Blumenthal threatens legal action against tiny Australian cafe over its name [The Mirror]

Solicitor and county coroner Alan Crickmore funded a lavish lifestyle by stealing from clients [The Telegraph]

Ed Miliband’s barrister wife fights to put wind turbines on historic site [Mail Online]

Despite hurdles, undocumented immigrant becomes a lawyer [BBC News]