Sharp-witted Oxford law student takes down UKIP MEP Bloom after Richard III gibe

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By Alex Aldridge on

An Oxford University law student has got the better of UKIP member Godfrey Bloom after the gaffe-prone MEP seemed to try to mock him for his disability.

During a debate at the Oxford Union last week — a video of which was released yesterday (see above) — Bloom interrupted a speech by Merton College’s David Browne to mockingly inquire, “Are you Richard III?” The question has been widely understood as a gibe at Browne’s disability.

Unfazed, the law student hit back barristerially with a Thatcher quote, “I always cheer up immensely if someone attacks one personally, as it means they have run out of arguments”. Loud applause ensued.

In the aftermath of the debate, Bloom cosied up to Browne for a drink and yesterday went so far as to write a piece for The Oxford Tab paying tribute to the “estimable David Browne who I suspect will make his mark in the law”.

In the article, Bloom claimed he made the comment because of Browne’s physical resemblance to Richard III.

Of his encounter with Bloom, Browne is quoted as saying: “I didn’t think it was a very nice thing to say…I wasn’t happy with the remark…[But] It’s fair to say that we did get on well. We didn’t bring it up again. He’s a very interesting man to talk to.”

Bloom has previously caused outrage for saying that the UK should stop sending aid to “bongo bongo land” and calling a roomful of women “sluts”.