Surrey University law graduate launches ‘not naked’ LLB study guide

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By Thomas Connelly on

University of Surrey law graduate Pia Jackson has unveiled a bizarre guide to obtaining a law degree…

The guide, which was published on YouTube on Friday, contains a rambling series of tips to law students, including such pearls of wisdom as “Red Bull is evil…don’t drink 14 cans in one night”, “attend all exams completely sober” and “don’t use your womanly wiles to get better grades”.

Seemingly unclothed as she delivers the advice, Jackson at one point breaks off from her educational monologue to explain: “I am wearing clothes, by the way. I’m not naked. I’m not that weird. I don’t just sit here with a lawyer’s wig and glasses and nothing else…[or] maybe I do.”

There is more from Jackson, who is currently working as a TV presenter, actor and voiceover artist, on her website.