The end of the day round-up

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By Thomas Connelly on

What would happen if Paddington Bear tried to immigrate to the UK today [BuzzFeed]

The best of Breaking Bad lawyer Saul Goodman’s wisdom [Survive Law]

Dancer hit with £52k tax bill after judge rules bellydancing is recreation, not education [Evening Standard]

Phone hacking: Wall Street Journal wins ruling on reporting restrictions [The Guardian]

Raising money for Crisis in memory of Hardwicke barrister Steven Weddle [Twitter]

“The seeds of destruction were planted not by evil politicians, who are simply trying to get value, but in the altruism of Chambers who have for many years taken on more tenants than is advisable” [Legal Cheek comments]

The 27 saddest mugshots of all time [Break]

Google Glass: motorist cleared in landmark case [Sky News]

Transparency in the Family Courts and the Court of Protection [UK Human Rights Blog]

Historic trial of the day [Old Bailey Online]

Heard in court [Facebook]