The end of the day round-up

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By Thomas Connelly on

Men deny stealing television from Lavender Hill Magistrates’ Court [Wandsworth Guardian]

Law students should be prepared for fierce competition after graduating [The Guardian]

Law student models wanted [Twitter]

Judge tells Tamara Ecclestone the £380,000 Lamborghini she gave her ex-boyfriend for his birthday WAS a gift — and she can’t have it back [Mail Online]

Urine is “the best hair gel you can get,” court hears [Wales Online]

Judge tells rev to watch revs [Twitter]

“The only answer is to restrict entry to the BPTC unless you already have pupillage lined up” [Legal Cheek comments]

This might be the greatest police sketch of all time [BuzzFeed]

Historic trial of the day [Old Bailey Online]

Heard in court [Facebook]