The end of the day round-up

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By Thomas Connelly on

troll-face-150x150Twitter’s failure to tackle trolls is an insult to the likes of Stan Collymore [The Guardian]

Law student enrolments fall by 5% [Lawyer2B]

An interesting definition of Lord Denning [Urban Dictionary]

Motorist facing court for driving through a puddle and drenching a group of primary school children and their parents [Mail Online]

Sir James Munby begins judgment using “historic present tense” [Twitter]

Gardener unsuccessful in suing council over exposure to the sun in Middlesbrough [The Mirror]

New Jersey Supreme Court is to decide whether or not rap lyrics should be used as evidence in the courtroom this month [Vibe]

Police Chief accidentally shoots himself for a second time [Gawker]

What happens to parody Twitter accounts once the news story is over? [BuzzFeed]

“Demand was quite high for snake oil in the American mid-West 100 years ago…People are drawing an analogy with the BPTC because the number of people doing it is 4 times the number of jobs” [Legal Cheek comments]

Heard in court [Facebook]