District judge apologises for NekNominate video

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By Alex Aldridge on

It was a matter of time before the controversial ‘NekNominate’ craze spread to law. But few expected a district judge to lead the way.

District judge Rosemary Watters has apologised for appearing in a NekNominate video.

The 15 second video, which was taken at a family gathering in January, sees Northern Ireland-based Watters, 48, down a shot of what is thought to be vodka or tequila before turning to a friend and saying: “I neck and nominate you.”

After the video emerged earlier today, the office of the Lord Chief Justice of Northern Ireland issued this statement:

“The video was taken at a family event. Judge Watters recognises her foolish behaviour and would discourage anyone else from repeating what she did.”

NekNominate — which sees people post videos of themselves downing drinks on social media and nominate friends to follow suit — has generated controversy recently after it was linked to a number of deaths.

As the Australia-pioneered practice has become more widespread, impressionable youngsters have gone further and further in their attempts to match their friends’ drinking antics.

An extreme example can be seen below.

Watters’ NekNominate is the first recorded instance of a member of the legal profession participating in the trend. Although it has been argued that a version of NekNominate has long been popular among barristers in the Inns of Court.