Is DLA boss Sir Nigel Knowles the most boring person on Twitter?

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By Alex Aldridge on

To have led DLA Piper from regional law firm to global behemoth must have taken considerable personality. But the man behind the transformation, Sir Nigel Knowles, has failed to convey any sense of charm or fun on Twitter since he began tweeting last year.

Awards tweets are a Knowles favourite.

Rather than dress his pleasure up with a joke, or even some kind of moderately charming humblebrag, Knowles just tweets exactly what happens.

Sometimes he forgets to tweet at the awards and then does it the next day…

…always being careful not to add anything of interest.

Another Knowles favourite is good causes.

As with his awards tweets, Knowles works hard not to convey any passion…

…and declines to add the faintest of pizzazz even to musings composed in the presence of royalty.

Knowles also finds Twitter useful when he is speaking at events. As you would expect, he makes them sound really fun.

Needless to say, his post-event musings are well worth waiting for.

Having searched high and low for an unusually interesting tweet with which to draw this article to a close, and been disappointed, here is picture of Knowles picking up another award.

Although not one of Knowles’ tweets, Google Translate indicates that he may have had a hand in the drafting. It reads: “Today was @sirnigelknowles at our office on site. He proudly showed the won Law Firm of the Year award”.