Photo appears on Instagram of Doughty Street barrister Amal Alamuddin with George Clooney at the White House

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Human rights barrister spotted with film star for second time, setting tongues wagging.

A photo has appeared on Instagram of Doughty Street rookie barrister Amal Alamuddin apparently accompanying George Clooney at a private screening of his latest film at the White House. President Obama was also in attendance at the gathering to celebrate the release of ‘Monuments Men’.

The photo, which was posted from the account of US lawyer Chelsea Good, prompted the Mail Online to do some digging. It reports:

“The Oscar winner and the lawyer were said to be looking extremely close at the event, and although it’s not known whether Miss Alamuddin met President Obama, Clooney is pictured standing by the Commander-in-Chief.

“Just hours after the small screening on Tuesday, February 18, Clooney and Miss Alamuddin were pictured standing intimately together at the Round Robin and Scotch Bar at the Willard Hotel in Washington D.C…An onlooker at the bar told MailOnline: ‘They looked very much together, George had his arm around her and she appeared to be a girlfriend.'”

Alamuddin’s name didn’t appear on the official White House guest list for the event, which took place eight days ago, with the White House declining to confirm whether she attended or not. Official attendees included, in addition to Clooney and Obama, Clooney’s parents, and Bill Murray and Matt Damon.

Last year photos emerged of Alamuddin, 35, and Clooney, 52, sharing a taxi after leaving a restaurant in London.

Alamuddin — who was proclaimed the “hottest” female barrister in London last year by hit Tumblr YourBarristerBoyfriend — was called to the Bar in 2010. She practises international law, human rights and criminal law, and is an adviser to UN Special Envoy Kofi Annan on Syria. Clooney has publicly denied dating Alamuddin, saying that they’re working together on a “satellite programme over Syria”.