Third six pupil who wowed Bar with legal aid cuts speech is made a tenant at last

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A rare good news story for the criminal branch of the legal profession.

The pupil barrister star of last week’s #OneBarOneVoice event is a pupil no more.

On Thursday London criminal set 23 Essex Street announced that Hannah Evans has been made a tenant. The news comes after Evans’ speech about the reality of life at the Bar for third six pupils and other rookies became a hit on Facebook and Twitter.

Whether talented young barristers like Evans will be able to remain at the criminal Bar in the longer term if the government’s legal aid reforms go through is another matter.

As Evans herself said at one point during her speech:

“How much longer can you do this?” The answer at the moment? “I’m not sure; it’s tough; hang in there”. The answer if this government gets its way? “Not much longer”.

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