10 pieces of advice for trainee City lawyers from Mumsnet readers

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By Thomas Connelly on

A Mumsnet thread offering advice to a prospective City solicitor contains some illuminating titbits of information.


It began with this question on Mumsnet:

City lawyers — I am about to become one of you. Please advise me!

I’ve just finished the LPC and am about to start my training contract at a commercial firm in the City (think top 25 but not Magic Circle). It would be great to get some advice from City lawyers, especially women, as I don’t have any lawyer friends to ask about this stuff.

Basically, if you could go back in time and advise your trainee self, what would you say? (although please don’t say “Run like the wind” because I’ve signed a contract and it’s too late for that!)

These responses followed…


And what politics it is!

Final edit

It pays to keep one’s true feelings hidden.


Work social events should be treated with caution.

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Procreation chat: off limits.

bitch-might-be-pregnant copy

For clothing: think Tory party conference


Associates should be seen and not heard

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Some days lawyers have too much fun to go home.


Having avoided all talk of babies while grasping the above basics, this is the time to drop the pregnancy bombshell, apparently.

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And then hurry back to work.

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The Mumsnet City law thread can be read in full here.