9 memorable pieces of court building graffiti

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By Thomas Connelly on

Social media is awash with photos of court building defacement.

The Sheffield Crown Court gentlemen’s toilets.


Lawyer graffiti in an unidentified Magistrates Court.

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Just another day in Croydon.

Graffiti 3

Poetry in the waiting cells at Cork District Court.

Graffiti 4

Reading Magistrates Court rage.

graffiti 5

A defendant who claims to have been wrongly convicted laments the decision to increase his sentence in the Royal Courts of Justice.

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Prisoner-to-be makes outlandish football prediction.

Graffiti 5

Angry court user etching.

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All that’s left of the recently-demolished former Bristol Magistrates Court building.


And finally, a late addition to the nine from Blackfriars Chambers barrister Jon Mack (spotted in a London Crown Prosecution Service room).