Barrister specialising in neighbour disputes told to demolish home extension that his neighbours hated

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By Thomas Connelly on

Extension to Hampstead home of 5 St Andrew’s Hill property barrister Philip Galway-Cooper is branded “not lawful”.

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5 St Andrew’s Hill land law barrister Philip Galway-Cooper has been informed by his local council that an extension to his £1.8m north London home must be torn down.

The barrister, who has 21 years of experience in all aspects of property law, including neighbour disputes, enraged his neighbours with the work on his home in charming Gayton Crescent that took place between 2008-2013. Ham & High details their pain:

“They were unhappy that the work dragged on for so long, despite the lack of planning permission, and many complained that it was blighting the conservation area because the house was shrouded in scaffolding and plastic sheeting throughout the build.”

Sadly for Galway-Cooper, Camden Council has sided with the neighbours, deciding that the extension is not covered by permitted development rights. Assuming there is no appeal, the next step will be enforcement to compel the barrister to remove the addition to his home. Maybe not put that one on the chambers bio…

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