Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 was shot down by Chinese missile, claims practising barrister

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By Alex Aldridge on

Barrister with active practising certificate is confident that he has unravelled mystery of flight MH370.


Practising barrister Michael Shrimpton has published a blog post purporting to reveal precise details of the fate of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370.

According to Shrimpton, who was called to the Bar in 1983 and practised from Tanfield Chambers until 2002 before setting up on his own, the missing plane was shot down by a missile that was fired from a Chinese submarine.

Writing on Vetarans Today, Shrimpton reports:

“At 0130 hours local time last Saturday, March 8th (this is being written on the 15th) a Chinese SSK, believed to be a 636 Kilo class, shot down a Malaysian airliner, Boeing 777-2H6ER, 9M-MRO, Captain Zaharie Shah in command, off the coast of South Vietnam. The Chinese murdered a total of 239 people, all the souls on board.

“The Kilo surfaced but stayed hull-down, i.e. presented a low radar signature. She fired a Chinese-made copy of the excellent Hughes Aircraft AIM-54A Phoenix missile, supplied to Iran in the 1970s…”

Shrimpton’s flight MH370 article follows a host of previous eye-catching claims, including an assertion that Madeleine McCann was “murdered on the orders of German Intelligence”.

Here is Shrimpton’s listing on the Bar Standards Board’s (BSB) Barristers’ Register.

We got in touch with Shrimpton and asked him about his claims. He told us that he was expressing views “as an intelligence commentator and not a barrister”. He continued:

“Barristers are not ordinarily involved in intelligence work, however since I was invited by General Pincochet to represent him in negotiations in Washington designed to secure his release to Chile ‘barrister’ has only been my day job. Access to high-level intelligence sources that a barrister wouldn’t ordinarily have has been part of my life since the Pinochet case.”

Shrimpton also stated that he had been involved in the search for Madeleine McCann as “part of team who located her in a vessel off Morocco” during a rescue operation that was subsequently “blocked in Whitehall”.

A spokesperson for the BSB said: “We don’t comment on individual cases unless a disciplinary tribunal has been scheduled.”

No complaint has been made against Michael Shrimpton in relation to MH370 or Madeleine McCann.