Was this the worst start to a pupillage ever?

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By Thomas Connelly on

New pupil barrister on BBC legal drama Silk fails to impress on debut.

Viewers of last night’s episode of BBC legal drama Silk were introduced to Shoe Lane Chambers’ new pupil, Amy Lang. Having been likened in the pre-series blurb to a younger version of star character Martha Costello QC, expectations were high. So it was a surprise to hear Lang’s first question:

“What’s a warrant?”

The wannabe barristers commenting on the action under the #Silk hashtag were not amused…

Lang — who is played by 21 year-old actor Jessica Henwick — raised her performance slightly in a subsequent Magistrates Court hearing, where, after a dressing down from the judge, she managed to secure an adjournment for her drug dependent client on shoplifting charges.

Expect to see a feistier side of Lang next week when she gets into a bust-up with senior clerk Billy Lamb.

Last night’s episode of Silk is on iPlayer, with a review on the UK Criminal Law Blog.