Morning round-up: Thursday 10 April

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The morning’s top legal news stories and social media posts.

NewspapersFormer Lyons Davidson trainee solicitor Katy Gammon jailed for 18 weeks arfter starving dog to death [BBC News]

Criminal barristers accept legal aid deal [Twitter]

More details on the vote [Criminal Bar Association Blog]

Obituary: Sir Maurice Drake was a High Court judge who presided over some of the most high-profile libel actions of his time [The Telegraph]

Defeat for Theresa May in legal battle over three-year freeze in money granted to asylum seekers [The Independent]

Legal aid consultation “unlawful”, solicitors claim [Law Society Gazette]

Formula 1: Red Bull and McLaren in legal row over Dan Fallow deal [BBC Sport]

Scorned wife who trashed her lawyer husband in public is awarded only 17% of his partnership as judge says she “chose to bite the hand that fed her” and damaged his practice [Mail Online]

PC Blakelock murder trial: the case against Nicky Jacobs was flawed from the start [The Guardian]

Accused drug dealer draws ire, spends night in jail, after posting Instagram photos from Justice Center courtroom []

Heard in court [Facebook]

“It does seem to be the case though that there are a significant number of people who do not have money to burn, who are not being realistic about their chances and who are going to have their dreams crushed sooner or later” [Legal Cheek Comments]