Morning round-up: Wednesday 9 April

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The morning’s top legal news stories and social media posts.

NewspapersNursing home sued after hiring strippers to perform for residents [The Telegraph]

Mark Duggan’s mother wins right to judicial review [Evening Standard]

Professor Gus John rages at “illiterate rantings” of diversity report critics [Law Society Gazette]

Top EU court rejects EU-wide data retention law [BBC News]

Judicial selfie? [Twitter]

A retired solicitor and his wife living on Dorset’s “Millionaires’ Row” resorted to buying a caravan “so that they can get out at the weekends and actually get a night’s sleep” [The Telegraph]

Smartphone trial judge annoyed by phones in court [Mail Online]

Law set to give Attorney General power to edit online news archives in the run-up to trials [Press Gazette]

Running the 2014 London Marathon to raise funds for the London Legal Support Trust [Just Giving]

Shadowing Northern Ireland’s barristers [BBC iPlayer]

Heard in court [Facebook]

“If you get a pupillage, you’ve done bloody well against all the odds. It really isn’t to be underestimated” [Legal Cheek Comments]