Taxi driver films himself rebuffing lawyer’s sexual advances — litigation ensues

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By Alex Aldridge on

Video of drunken US lawyer seducing taxi driver leads to three legal disputes.

A video has emerged of an incredible encounter between a lawyer and a taxi driver. The three-minute clip shows US lawyer and radio host Jennifer Gaubert exposing herself to taxi driver Hervey Farrell and imploring him to “pull over”. Gaubert had no idea that Farrell, who turned her advances down, was secretly filming the whole thing.

After the recording was made, Gaubert, 33, allegedly told police that Farrell, 39, had contacted her, informed her about the video and demanded a large sum to prevent him publishing it.

At which point Farrell was detained by police and spent 72 hours in jail, but was not charged. Instead, New Orleans District Attorney Leon Cannizzaro turned the tables on Gaubert (whose LinkedIn profile is pictured below) and charged her with making false statements.


Gaubert was also hit with a charge of simple battery concerning unwanted contact with Farrell, over which she was convicted last week. If she is convicted next month of the more serious offence of making false statements she faces up to five months in jail.

Meanwhile, Farrell has launched a civil action against both Gaubert and New Orleans city officials. He says that he was a victim of false arrest, false imprisonment, malicious prosecution and kidnapping, with his complaint revolving around the 27 hours he apparently spent in prison. As a result, he says he was publicly humiliated in the media and lost his taxi licence for several months during an investigation of the claims made by Gaubert, which Farrell believes were inadequately investigated by police prior to his arrest last year.