The emerging etiquette of the training contract video interview

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By Alex Aldridge on

As DWF uses video interviews in order to assess more training contract candidates, and other big firms including Bird & Bird and Hill Dickinson trial similar initiatives, we consider how best to present yourself to potential employers through a laptop camera.

1. A suit and tie is essential. But bearing in mind that no one will see your lower half, suits trousers aren’t. Still, it’s important to feel the part, so it’s advisable to select your best shorts and socks.


2. Interviews are nerve-wracking, so don’t forget a glass of water to drink in case your mouth goes dry.


3. Ensure the room where you sit the interview is neat and tidy, being careful to remove any potentially embarrassing items that may be in view.


4. Alternatively, consider using a (securely positioned) photo background.

5. Finally, if using Skype, be wary of being “bombed”.

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