Barristers vent pupillage application sift pain on Twitter

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By Alex Aldridge on

Social media-loving barristers are increasingly turning to Twitter to share the tedium of graduate recruitment — and even reveal pupillage application form bloopers.

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Over the weekend, Kings’ Chambers’ Sarah Pritchard (aka Sarah Jane Gosnell) posted a series of “pupillage application sifting updates” that jokingly expressed her boredom with the process of hiring young talent.


Pritchard’s colleague at Kings Chambers, Michael Rawlinson QC, responded with a quip about opening pupillage applications up to chance.
The exchange, which includes contributions from other barristers, annoyed one Legal Cheek reader, who wrote:

“Must be disappointing for students when they put so much effort into pupillage applications to see barristers moan about having to read them.”

But such mild public grumbling is surely less controversial than the fleeting decision of one barrister (who shall remain nameless) to tweet — and then swiftly delete — these pupillage interview bloopers. They are quite funny, though.





In case you were wondering, the chambers of the barrister in question has no association with Michael Mansfield QC.