Bristol Uni law student lands the best part-time job in the history of part-time jobs

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By Alex Aldridge on

Second year law student will test baths professionally after becoming the nation’s first ever Bathroom Executive Officer.


Bristol University law student Sam Collins has eased both his exam stress levels and money concerns by bagging a part-time job testing baths for national chain Bathstore.

Collins, 20, will test tens of baths for the company after winning a competition that saw candidates asked to explain in 400 words why they loved baths so much. The only entry requirement for hopefuls was that they had to have taken a minimum of 3,000 baths.

One of the most eye-catching elements of Collins’ new role is that the baths which he is to test will be installed in his “home”. Does that mean his student flat in Bristol? Bathstore simply states:

“Sam will have a series of baths installed in his home throughout his term as BEO and will be required to write reports on each tub. The ultimate ‘working from home position’, Sam will be testing each bath for comfort, space, heat retention and if it inspires a blissful soaking ambience. “

As part of the paid role, Collins, who has already added “bath tester” to his LinkedIn profile, will be required to write reports that will be used by the company for product development and contribute articles to the Bathstore blog.


The thrilled law student said:

“My friends have had enough of me talking about baths so they are delighted I have somewhere new to vent my passion. When I saw the advert I knew it was my perfect job. There’s no other person quite so passionate about the art of bathing as me. I can wax lyrical about the experience and I can’t wait to get cracking and testing those baths, I’ve got my flock of bathstore rubber ducks at the ready!”

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