Morning round-up: Thursday 22 May

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The morning’s top legal news stories and social media posts.

NewspapersTop London solicitor v the law student who worked as prostitute: the costs judgment [Bailii]

“Although she was ordered to pay the initial costs of the application this will be far outweighed by the costs which he was ordered to pay” [Legal Cheek Comments]

8 Positives to take from losing in Operation Cotton [A Life in the Bus Lane]

How to cram for a law exam [The Guardian]

Apple is really not happy that Samsung’s top lawyer called them “jihadists” [BGR]

A precarious professionalism: Do City lawyers take ethics for granted? [Legal Business]

Paul and Sandra Dunham extradition: Couple’s last night in UK [BBC News]

Clydes to face whistle-blowing claim after Supreme Court holds LLP members are protected [The Lawyer]

The Home Office is a dreadful department, the purpose of which often seems to be to enact as many criminal offences as possible [Jack of Kent]

Why is Chris Grayling trying to nationalise the criminal bar at a higher cost to the taxpayer? [The Telegraph]

Former Biglaw associate starts escort company [Above the Law]

Heard in court [Facebook]