Nottingham University law student’s anti-Semitic Facebook post wows with both its nastiness and stupidity

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By Thomas Connelly on

Use of term “Jew kunts” and follow-up suggestion that “everything” is “wrong with Jews” will horrify law firms and chambers — and just about everybody else.

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A law student at the University of Nottingham has issued an apology after writing racist comments on a Facebook ticketing page.

Darren Hoff, who recently graduated from his LLB, shocked fellow students when he complained of “some Jew kunt trying to rip me off” while making an appeal for tickets for a local student club night.

After being asked “What’s wrong with Jews?!” by a fellow poster on the thread, Hoff responded: “Everything”. He was subsequently labelled a “nazi bastard”. A screenshot of the discussion found its way to student paper the Nottingham Tab over the weekend.

After the post prompted disapproval from the owner of the club in question, Andy Hoe, Hoff wrote this apology:

Nevertheless, it may not be enough to save Hoff’s future legal career. Writing on The Tab, one student predicted the comments could permanently scupper Hoff’s chances of landing a training contract or pupillage:

“People who have been offended by his comments will maje [sic] sure this gets the attention to the point that when you search this guy’s name, as EVERY SINGLE LAW FIRM HE EVER APPLIES TO will, his face, attached to this whole episode, will pop up…So mate, looks like your casual racism has left you with three really fun future prospects. Change your name/drop the idea of ever getting a job/looks like UKIP may need some more staff…”

Others, however, have expressed sympathy for what could be understood as a youthful mistake, albeit a very serious one:

“People make a mistake, doesn’t mean it should ruin their entire future. God! I honestly hope it doesn’t ruin his career prospects, he seems sorry so let it rest!!!” wrote another student.

Nottingham University is investigating the matter, with the university’s Jewish Society issuing this statement:

“At Nottingham University we do not tolerate any form of anti-Semitism. The incident will be looked into further and all the necessary steps will be taken to ensure that bigotry and racism will have no place on campus.”

In the meantime, Hoff, who has achieved moderate social media popularity through body building and modelling, has gone into lock down on his previously open Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts.