Stressed-out law student uses growing command of criminal law to issue Newcastle Uni library with legal threat

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By Thomas Connelly on

Tongue-in-cheek warning of legal action under the Theft Act 1968 spotted yesterday in Newcastle University’s Robinson Library.


The grumpy legal threat, which has been slightly obscured in the rush to take the photo, reads:

“Dear Gestapo, I come in at 7am and have gone on a lunch break. Do not move/touch my things. If my stuff is gone I will bust you for misappropriation (Theft Act 1968). Much love.”

Legal Cheek also enjoyed the student’s motto, which is visible on the left hand side of the picture:

“A 2:1 you’ll be a barrister! A 2:2 and you’ll be a barista.”

If only life was so simple…

Meanwhile in the US, this law student’s Facebook update was picked up by legal blog Above the Law yesterday.


Which, by comparison, makes the Newcastle University Library threat seem pretty tame.

Image via Spotted: Newcastle Robinson Library